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Open-source medical devices: "When code can kill or cure". Abstract -- Medical technology: Applying the “open source” model to the design of medical devices promises to increase safety and spur innovation. See full article here:

SAnToS Lab is pleased to welcome Brian Larson as a new research associate working in the area of medical device integration, coordination, and interoperability. He holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Larson is a principal at Multitude Corporation and an active member of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) standard committee (SAE AS5506A -- He was a Principal Systems Engineer at Boston Scientific from 2005 through April 2010. Previously, he designed hardware of embedded systems for a large defense contractor and started a company to build supercomputers using a radically-different architecture ( For the supercomputer, he authored a concurrent programming language, and a proof-outline checker to assure total correctness and interference-freedom. BLESS -- an annex sublanguage of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) standardized as AS5506A by SAE International, and its nascent proof tool, build upon this prior work.

SAnToS Lab is pleased to welcome Dr. Patrice Chalin, Eng., as a new faculty member. In 1995, Dr. Chalin completed his Ph.D. at Concordia University, Montreal, in the area of specification and programming language design and semantics—earning him the Dean of Engineering Award for most deserving Ph.D. graduate. Following his Ph.D., Dr. Chalin spent over six years at Nortel Networks as a software engineer and quality management specialist, accumulating valued experience and insight into developing large-scale commercial distributed software systems.

In 2002, he accepted a position of Assistant Professor at Concordia where he taught core undergraduate Software Engineering courses until 2011. In addition to being promoted to Associate Professor in 2007, he also became the Software Engineering Program Director and contributed to important revisions and enhancements to Concordia’s undergraduate Software Engineering program.

Dr. Chalin both enjoys and has expertise in both theoretical foundations and practical systems development. For example, he is the project lead of the JMLEclipse extension to the Eclipse JDT compiler. He is also currently teaching CIS 806, Programming Language Semantics, a hands-on course making regular use of the Coq interactive theorem prover to describe and prove properties about program semantics.